Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real Light Bulbs Please

After the last few years of using the new CFL light bulbs I have replaced them in the bathroom sink and overhead lights with old fashioned regular light bulbs. When these bulbs first went on the market the local utility sent every home two boxes of them.

I replaced all the incandescent bulbs in the house with these, but shortly into the first year, despite the longlife of years promised for these bulbs, they began to fail, about one every 2-3 months. This is especially true of the smaller 13W bulbs where all four have been replaced in each of the two bathroom sink lights every years

And trying to find the same brand and model with produces the same light is exasperating as stores manufacturers keep changing the light characteristics of their bulbs and stores stop carrying the older model bulbs.

So I either buy four new bulbs to get the consistent light or live with different light bulbs. And if you've bought these bulbs you know they're not cheap, especially compared to old fashioned incandescent bulbs. You can buy quite a few regular bulbs for the price of one CFL bulb.

Add to that they take a few minutes to get up to full strength, the cost of them for the false claim of longlife, and the expensive production costs and materials, especially the use of toxic metal (mercury), CFL bulbs are a waste of money.

A regular incandescent bulbs are cheaper, less enviromentally dangers to produce and discard or recycle, and while they aren't cheaper to use, the overall costs is still the same if not lower over the years, but most of all there is one advantage to these bulbs.

They are brighter!

So now I'm back to the old fashioned bulbs where it counts and all the rest in the house are still CFL light bulbs. I'll give Edison is due in the bathroom lights where he's proven to me to be better, still after a century.

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