Sunday, November 11, 2012

Really Comcast?

Last Update.--Alas an answer. This morning the remote and cable box were working normally. What changed? The weather. Overnight the near freezing temperature warmed into the 40's with rain. The problem is that there is a connnection somewhere between the cable going outside and the junction box where condensation or water inside freezes caused intermittent or complete breaks in the communications beween the cable box and the server.

Anyway, for now all is right with the world but if during the next cold weather the problem reappears, I'll call the service representative to let them know to send a technician to check the line for bad connectors.

Update III.-- After rebooting the cable box, it worked for awhile and then didn't, but doing some testing I discovered the front panel controls now work (didn't before) but remote to box doesn't, so either the remote is broken (doubtful) or the box doesn't recognize it, which is likely since the "received" light doesn't blink. So, it's call tomorrow to schedule a service technician.

Update II.-- I finally got a service representative on the telephone, and she did one thing we as customers can't do, which is send the signal for the box to do a complete reboot. This completely clears the schedule and the user interface software, ie, the menu and options. 

It now has to reload everything which takes time and all I have in manual change change with the A/B channel switch button. It takes 8-12+ hours to rebuild the schedule. And I'll have to call tomorrow if the problem is still there to schedule a technician to change the box.

All it all that took about 30 minutes from the time I called, half of which was on hold. The actual time with the service representative was about 3 minutes tops. Wel'll see what happens tomorrow.

Update.-- Comcast's service over the telephone or their Websites is a waste of time. I still have the problem, which cleared up for all but a few minutes after the technician left then returned. The telephone service to get a person is a confusion of menus and options. Their Website requires you have an account (I don't despite being a 20+ years customer) to check for problems in my area. That sucks.

All in all, I've never been impressed with Comcast's service to get a service representative and then an actual service call, and this only proves with the whole array of services they offer, it's worse than before just to get a person to talk to and explain the problem.

Original Post.-- For the third morning in a row, my cable box is stuck on the last channel I watched the night before. It won't recognize my remote, won't recognize the buttons on the box except the on/off button, and just sits there looking stupid.

We've had a cold spell recently and when the problems started and it took well into the late morning or early afternoon when things started to work again, meaning I'm not stuck on one channel and the box and remote worked normally again.

And today is no exception. All I get is ESPN the last channel I watched last night. And so really Comcast, three days of the same problem and it's not fixed?

Yeah, I know some problems are hard to debug and fix, I used to manage and operate a real-time data collection system from the downlink to the computers. It is hard sometimes, but this shouldn't be that hard.

I'll see how long it takes today. I did see a Comcast service truck in th neighborhood. But I'm not holding my breath standing in front of the TV with the remote waiting for this to be fixed, if only for today.

You're not worth it, especially at the prices you charge. As for the problem, any bets about tomorrow?

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