Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Old White Men

To the old white men who are the Republican party, you must remember one thing.

We are a nation of immigrants from our founding to today.

This country was founded on immigrants from Native Amercians 10, 000 years ago, with the Pilgrims 400 years ago and to today where white will be a minority within a generation.

There is no one who can call themselves native to North America and the United States when and where their ancesters were a part of the history of man. Even Native Americans crossed the land bridge from Asia and arrived from South America who originated in the Pacific Islands.

No one can claim ownership because of their ancestors. We all own this country because of our ancestors. We all are immigrants because of our ancestors. We all are our ancestors. We are all Americans as was our ancestors who immigrated here.

If you refuse to understand that, I'm sure there's a country somewhere you can sell your bigotry, but not here. You are equal to all of us. It's why it's America and why we're all Americans. Equally.

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