Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fix the App Store

Update (11/9/12).--I would like to see Apple and developers be faster approving updates to apps in the App Store. Sometimes it take weeks, even months, to see the app in the store updates from the announcement of the release by the developer.

Somtimes this isn't critical but many times it is with small fixes with enhancements. And e-mail from the developers often say they sent the updated app in and it's out of their hands and in Apple's hands. So what gives there?

Original Post.--Can Apple please fix the App Store and give owners power over their own accounts, to remove applications they're no longer updating or upgrading through the store, to fix applications which always tells me there's an update when there isn't, and to find a more efficient way, like under Lion, to update OS-X than through the store?

I have two applications I transferred to the Websites of the company because the apps aren't updated or have additional stuff with the application not available through the App Store. The companies moved everything to their Website and transferred the license(s) with receipts.

A third applicaton finally got removed, but only because the company removed it from the App Store so Apple removed it from all the users accounts. That's like someone walking into your home and taking a discontinued product because you bought it from them.

In addition one application always says there is an update, even if I open, close and open the App Store. Something is wrong in the settings for this application I can't fix and there isn't anyone there to help. I don't use this application anymore but hiding it won't fix the problem.

So it would be be nice if Apple wasn't Big Brother over our App Store purchases and give us control we want and paid for when we bought the applications. I don't know of another business that uses the customer model Apple uses with the App Store.

So it no wonder I don't buy applications through the App Store anymore unless the company only sells it through the App store. I'll alway buy it direct from the company if I can. At least I have some control and real people answer the e-mails.

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