Sunday, November 4, 2012

Voting & Racism

Voting for Romney because you dislike, even hate, President Obama, isn't voting, it's racism. You're not voting for the person who's makes or would make a the best President, you're voting for the color of one of the candidate's skin.

Being a mixed race person has proven Obama can do well as President. He didn't meet everyone's expectations not as much because of his effort, but because of Congress, the Republican-controlled House which followed their own agenda and the Senate where the Republican refused to go along with the Democrats.

You can't blame President Obama for Congress and for not getting things done which are the responsibility of Congress. He tried and succeeded where he could. And if the election doesn't change which party controls each body in Congress, then it doesn't matter who's President, either will be just more years of nothing done.

But in the end, your vote is important, so vote, but don't vote because you hate one candidate, especially if hate the color of their skin, if you hate what you falsely believe about them, or if you hate them simply because you can. That said I have a question for you.

If Obama was white would it change your vote?

Think about it, and think about who's the better to be President, one you know and one you don't. Race isn't the issue. Character, experience, trust, honesty, integrity, and who will be there for you.

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