Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

Can users, me especially, make the decision to remove applications from their account in the Apple App Store? I have moved three applications to the company's Website because they dropped their products from the App Store and honored the receipt to provide it and updates or upgrades through their Website.

I don't need them anymore and it's dumb to hide them only to be told there is an update available through the App store which has long been superseded by the company's versions through their Website. I will never download the update nor want the application in my account.

Your practice of not giving users the right to remove applications only shows how dictatorial you can be as a company which prides itself for user-friendly computers, operating systems and applications. To prevent users from choosing to remove applications isn't good business.

So, please fix it so users can elect, knowing it can't be undone or they have to buy the application again, to remove applications from the App Store account. It's just common sense and user rights.

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