Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I read this post about cutting and I have to say he's wrong. I don't like pictures of people who cut, not because of the cutting or the person, but because I always have a vasovagal_response to the sight of blood, surgeries, body parts, etc, and seeing cutting initiates the response, even in photos.

But that's not my point, which is I won't say anything until I've read the purpose of the pictures, especially if they're pictures of the person posting the cutting on their body. Anyone who just automatically criticizes these picture, like this guy, needs to understand first.

Openly criticizing what people do when you don't have any knowledge or experience on the subject, like cutting, aneroxia, bulimia, obseity, transgenderism, etc., only shows your arrogance and ignorance of people with their experiences.

People like this guy should stop before posting such words and take a breath to think about the consequences and the effects of your words. He's entitled to his opinion on his blog, but then we're entitled to call him out on it.

He tries to qualify it, but then who is he to decide which pictures are "fashionable and trendy", and what people deserve, "seriously fuck you", as a reply. Did he learn about the pictures, learn about the people in the pictures, learn about the life situation or conditions of those people?

He tried again when someone pointed he was souding "morally superior", and he said if he knows the person posting doesn't cut, then it's wrong. No, it's not. It could be a friend, someone who cares, or someone who knows from past personal experiences themselves or friends.

I won't argue some post because it's "cool" which it isn't, but to make a blanket statement without qualifying it or phrasing it better is wrong, even if it is his opinion. An opinion can be wrong and a wrong opinion has to be called out.

Does he know anything about cutting? If he does, he sure doesn't show it, because if he did, then he wouldn't have said what he did. It's called compassion and understanding. What's not to learn first and then help if it's appropriate.

Stupid criticism isn't help. It's as noted, moral superiority, and nothing more disguised as opinion.

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