Saturday, December 1, 2012


Republicans in Congress,

If you're bitching and whining now about the issue on tax cuts for the middle class (< $250,000) now, what do you plan to say January 2nd when all the Bush tax cuts expire and you're standing there holding the blame, all of it?

What exactly will you tell the American people why you didn't agree to the President's proposal? What exactly don't you understand we get to say about your job in 2014 about what you think of the American people?

I'm listening, we're listening, but you should keep in mind we, the people, are tired of your stupid political rhetoric, it's old and irrelevant. We heard it in 2010 when the fight over the Bush tax cuts were extended to now.

We heard it last over the raising the debt ceiling. We heard it in 2012 throughout the election campaign, from the primaries through the election and debates. It's the Romney tax plan redux, and long proven to be a lie.

What don't you understand everyone sees it, everyone knows it, and we all see you as the idiots in the room on this issue. Stop the political dance for power over the public relations and start negotiating in good faith.

If you can actually do that since you've never done it. We've watched and heard what you've done through this session (2011-12) of Congress. We know it's all political cow pasture material. Americans know it and they're tired of it.

So, you'll do what you think is right, which it isn't, but remember we'll do what we think is right in November 2014. That you understand, being re-elected, or not. That's our decision then.

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