Friday, December 21, 2012

Really Mr LaPierre

Putting guns in schools, meaning more guns is the answer to the excessive gun problem is like saying more cars helps traffic and commuting problems, like more people helps over population, like more energy consumption helps energy conservation, like more pollution helps clean air and water. And so on.

You get the picture, but to answer you seriously. The resources aren't there to put trained cops in every school in the US. And while folks say there already are "cops" in schools, no, they're security people of varying knowledge, training and experience, not cops.

And you can also bet a shooter going to a school will either know or look for the security people to shoot them first. Shooters aren't going to walk up to the front door obviously looking like a shooter. They're not stupid, so don't presume it.

The problem isn't schools, so don't put the blame on them to solve the gun problem. The problem isn't mental health issues when shootings committed by people with mental health problems is very small and overwhelmed by the many everyday killings by both criminals and legal, lawful gun owners.

And creating a national mental health registry is a violation of the right of people to privacy with the medical professionals. Yes, a doctor has to report some situations and conditions with people, but not openly to every law enforcement and justice departments.

You're also then pushing people out of mental health counseling and therapy if they know they could be in a national database for just talking with a medical professional knowing who they are and what they say will be shared, a violation of the hypocratic oath and legal rights of patients and medical professionals.

What don't you want to agree to is that it's a complex problem with complex solutions, not the least of which are guns of all types but really banning assault weapons, regulating guns sales, mandating background checks, banning large capacity ammution clips and certain ammunition, and improving inter/intragovernment cooperation and communications.

Everything has to be on the table to solve this national problem with comprehensive solutions, otherwise, the next shooting will blame the failures of the partial measures taken to show they didn't work when we know the measures were inadequate and insufficient.

But we know the problem is reallly one thing, the 300+ million guns in the US today, knowing only a modest percentage are used in crime, violence and shootings. That's the truth and reality and there are no measures which prevents all everyday killings and mass shootings.

And that's what we need to address, not adding to the problem with more guns. This isn't the wild west. We need to grow up about guns and address the problem with wisdom and foresight or the people in 50  years will look back to see what folks told us 50 years ago.

Nothing has changed except more guns and more violence with guns. When does that end Mr. LaPierre? What does it take for you to see the obvious? Besides, of course, the obvious.

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