Saturday, December 1, 2012

Really Century Link

At 4:40 this afternoon Century Link brought the Internet down for about 5 minutes. Really, in the late afternoon on a Saturday when there are how many users on-line at the time? Then when they tried to bring it back, it didn't come back (DSL modem lights) for another 5 minutes.

That's 10 minutes in the middle of the afternoon into evening when a lot of people are on-line doing a variety of things, and suddenly find their work interrupted and all their communications and connections to the world not working.

I know sometimes there are good reasons to do this, but it really is not just frustrating or irritating, especially if you're in the middle of buying something on-line (think about that and the confustion it brings), it's a WTF moment aimed at you.

Think about all the applications which now require an internet connection to work, like those cloud services, cloud applications, cloud file transfers, etc., all suddenly trying to reconnect and recover. Think about all the people watching videos, watching TV, listening to radio stations, calling or texing family or friends, etc.

But in the end it still is, "Really Century Link?"

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