Friday, December 14, 2012

Can We Now

Eighteen children and six adults killed at an elemetary school in Connecticut today, two children died at the hospital, and an adult was found dead at a home of the person suspected of the mass shooting, who also is dead.

Can we now have that discussion about guns? How many more people will be killed with guns today in America? How many more mass shootings does it take? How many more people needlessly need to die by guns?

Can we now have that discussion about guns? Can we now have reasonable laws which allows communities to govern access to guns and ammuntion in the name of public safety and security? In the name of our children? For the future of our children?

And when we have this discussion, there is one rule, only one rule to start.

To the NRA, sit down and shut up, or there's the exit.

You're not part of the discussion anymore. You've done the damage we've experienced all these years of threatening politicians if we even talk about guns. It's time for the majority to discuss, decide and act, and you're not invited to join us.

It's time for the majority to rule about guns.

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