Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Congress

Let me put a simple idea to you, something I think you can easily understand, and having understood it can easily act accordingly. So, try this on for size.

You work for the American People.

We elected you to work for us. Not the lobbyist who pay for your vacations. Not the corporations and wealthy who line your campaign war chest. Not the specialist interests who frequent your office. Not your political friends and allies who sway your vote.

You work for us. Now do that.

Or consider that reality we can pull a Donald Trump on you in Novemver 2014. After all the ways you've become wealthy at our expense and all the ways you've voted for all those people who has made you wealthy (above), we don't have to vote for you.

We own you because we pay your salary, your benefits, your official travel, your per-diem, your office and transportation, your staff, your office budget. We paid for you to do our work, so we're your boss. Is that clear enough?

So, now go do the work we want done. The work we need to create real jobs with real benefits, with real health insurance, with real retirement plans. The work to help our economy get better and grow with good jobs.

The work to improve and strengthen our education, to provide affordable college for all, to provide clean air and water, to provide safe working conditions, to ensure employee rights and benefits, to provide unemployment for those without a job, to provide what's needed to those less fortunate.

That's what government does, work for the people. And you, member of Congress are our government, not anyone else's government, ours. And as such:

We demand you do your damn job for us.

Now do that!

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