Monday, December 10, 2012


Want great entertainment for an evening, or more evenings? Wander around Tumblr for a few hours and watch it dissolve into an evening. Don't pay attention to where you are, reblogging will always get back to a Tumblr site you've already visited somewhere or sometime in your journey.

That's the beauty of it, but more so for seeing the diversity of Tumblr sites, the owners' interests and the many different views and ideas about life. You get to see what a generation, you know the current youth and young adults generation, is thinking, looking at, and yes blogging and rebloggin.

Just wander. It will make you cry, laugh, be angry, be happy, and the whole gamut of emotions and feelings with the whole range of people. You will see a lot, some good and much not so good, but you can always just scroll on down or wander to another page.

Follow the links too, they'll take you to more places and people. You read a lot of opinions, ideas - many from books or famous people, creativity, animation, whatever, and you'll see the youth isn't what you read in the media.

The youth are diverse and interesting. And take heart, they're not evil or bad, just young people exploring life and the world. You'll even like it more than you think. Really. If only all this stuff was there when I was young. I can't imagine what we would have done or said with Tumblr.

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