Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shopping WTFs

What I hate about stores which have on-line catalogs and ordering are those who falsely adverstise brands they don't carry, not just in stock but at all. That really sucks in my book and only ensures they will never get my business every again.

I went to several on-line stores for either brick and mortar or on-line only shores which "advertised" the brand I was looking for (only sold in European countries) and all of them just inserted all the top name brands in their ads which they paid Google to put on the Web pages for search results for this brand.

None of them sold that brand I was looking for but they still had the brand in the Google ads. Only goes to show you Google will take your money, honesty in adverstising isn't in the rules for companies who write the checks. So much for Google paid ads.

Yeah, I know it's the reality of shopping on-line, they over advertise their stock to get you to their Website and hopefully you'll stay, browse and maybe buy there. My answer to them is simple, "Fuck you!" and I leave.

If I want to browse, I'll go to the on-lines stores for the name brand brick and mortar stores I know, and  they too are not always honest and upfront, often advertising brands and models they don't stock in stores, but wait, they'll deliver it to the store nearest you or to your home.

This is common these days throughout the retail industry. My former always go to store, REI (been a member since 1982), is just like the rest of them, only the flagship stores carries most, but not all, of the stock they advertise on their Website.

And they don't always carry the range to fit all people. They stopped carrying my shoe size (men's 7 1/2) because as told to me "there wasn't enough customers" to stock the size, not even in their on-line store. I started buying direct from the companies or smaller local outdoor stores who does carry my size.

Anyway, I hate finding a really cool product to find you can't buy it. Not just in the US but on-line. Kinda' makes me wonder about the company's business model when this happens. Apparently an on-line and a worldwide market isn't their interest.

But it does raise the question, how many companies these days don't sell on-line and only sell in brick and mortar stores in one continent, who in turn don't have a on-line store to order products?

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