Monday, December 24, 2012

Gun Addiction

I wonder if the American Psychiatrist Association should add a new mental disorder to the Diagnostic Statistics Manual (DSM) for gun addiction and obsession for people, mostly young to middle aged white males, who have an abnormal affection with guns and gun violence.

Maybe? And then maybe demand anyone showing signs be required to undergo counseling before they  can own more than a few guns and want to buy more guns just for the thrills? After all there's no difference in the symptoms and signs over guns than other expressions already in the DSM.

And then maybe require them to pass a test to ensure they understand they have a mental problem which needs to be treated. No? Really? Think about it.

If they called the people who killed all those people in Newton, CT, Aurora, CO, Tucson, AZ, Littleton, CO and Blacksburg, VA mentally ill because they acted out their anger and hate with guns, what's not to consider the potential mass shooters who are obsessed with guns and act out their anger and hate with guns which don't kill people?

Aren't they mentally ill too? I'm not talking hunters, sport shooters, etc. who understand guns and are responsible gun owners. I'm talking mostly the young white men in our country who obsess about guns to a degree it's abnormal.

Do they really have normal lives when everything is about guns? Ok, add semi-nude to nude women, porn and other fantasies along with video games, moves and TV shows about guns, sex and violence. Isn't this what Mr. LaPierre of the NRA was saying is the cause of mass shooters?

So why not identify these people beforehand and get them into counseling? Isn't that what Mr. LaPierre is suggesting we do, find and counsel these young, white, angry men? After all, we know the signs, he told us. So what's the problem finding them?

Why not call them mentally abnormal, even sick, and then restrict their access to own, buy and use guns? That's the NRA's position about the mass shooters. Let's say he's right and do what he wants, take away their guns because they're menally sick.

Solves two problems, stopping mass shooters and pleasing the NRA, with one shot. Figuratively, of course.

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