Sunday, December 16, 2012

A People & Gun Thought

People with mental conditions without guns are just people with mental conditions, treatable with proper professional care. People with mental conditions with guns, are just plain fucking dangerous. But let's not mistake where the problem is with this scenarios. To put is simply.

It's not people with mental conditions, it's guns stupid!

Yeah, no guns, no 20 dead children and no dead 6 adults, all shot with a civilian version of a military assault rifle which is solely made to do what this young person did with it, kill people.

We should be treating people with mental conditions, but we should also be ensuring the public can be safe in public places from people with guns, all people with guns because anyone with a gun can become a someone angry enough to shoot and kill people.

We've seen what legal, lawful gun owners have done in the last 3 years. As many people have asked, if we don't discuss it and pass some measure of control on guns now, when? How many more people will die at the hands of legal, lawful gun owners?

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