Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are We Becoming

Are we becoming a nation where anyone can express their anger, hate, personal views without words, without engagement in a discussion or debate, without even saying anything, but simply arming yourself and then targeting random people in public places before killing yourself in full public view?

With over 310 million guns for a population of 310+ million people, 40-45% of the homes having a gun and about a third of the adults with some type of gun, half of which are handguns, it's hard not to see people using them as we've seen last year and this year.

So, while we've had members of Congress shot and thousands of women and children shot every year in domestic violence disputes, and now public mass shootings seems the norm anymore. We yawn at the facts and accept the reality that guns rule this country.

Guns, gun owners, the NRA and people who like to shoot people for the whole host of reasons not related to crime. Bullets have replaced words. Guns have replaced discussion. That's America now.

But it is what we want? And why have we let the minority threaten the majority for reasonable gun control in the public interest and for public safety and security. When will we win for our children and their freedom and safety from guns in public places?

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