Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dreamweaver CS6

Does anyone know how to set the opening work space window size in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6? It always defaults to full screen and with a 27" monitor, that's really, really large, like overkill. Really Adobe?

You set Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5 along with GoLive 9 to remember you last window size and files to alway reopen those files with the same window size and location on the screen. But you took this feature away in Dreamweaver CS6?

Why? Because, as I've read, you want users to have the full-screen performance of Dreamweaver? Really on a 27" monitor? Are they kidding anyone?

First, I work in source mode in about an 80 column width so all the files are scounched over to the left in the first 80 columns of the full-screen mode. I have to automatically resize the window to get the lines in front of me instead of the far left side.

Second, I restrict the size of the presentation of my Web pages to a 600 pixel width in a 800-900 wide browser window, so opening in design mode only puts a lot of empty space to the left and right of the Web in the middle of a very wide window.

This is dumb and clunky, so I always resize the window to 900x1024, like the browser window. And, as I've said, Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5 always remembers that. So why can't Dreamweaver CS6?

So, if anyone has any shortcuts or answer to resolve it, I'm open to trying them. Until then, that's the only part of Dreamweaver CS6 that sucks.

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