Thursday, December 6, 2012

More iTunes 11

I've been playing with iTunes 11 and discovered how it handles the memory for the image files for the cover art, or so it seems which running iTunes in window, mini-player and hidden modes. When I open it iTunes set the active memory for the app and the visible cover art in the window you choose.

If you scroll down to display the cover art, it loads it into active memory where it stays for awhile, after which it moves the nonvisible cover art into inactive memory, reducing the size of the active memory.

If you scroll again, it reloads the cover art back into active memory, increasing the size of that memory for the new visible cover art. After which it will transfer the nonvisible cover art back into inactive memory, but I haven't found the length of time for that or if it uses the same or creates new inactive memory.

Another thing I found is that the iTunes window seems made for Macbooks, meaning displaying it at full screen on a small monitor with laptop computers, and not larger monitors with iMacs or Mac Pros. The window is also larger than iTunes 10 to accommodate the same visible space.

The cover art is larger compared to iTunes 10 using the same window size. The Apps section is different displaying large images and organization of the apps, which is something I don't particularly like which requires scolling left-right and up-down.

In addition the iTunes store uses a wider window to show the whole screen, and again, something I don't really like, making everything bigger. I keep windows as small as they need to be so I can work in multiple open windows with all of them partially visible to click on a corner or edge to bring the window to the front.

The iTunes windows with the larger window, something Adobe's new Acrobat XI does too, hides the smaller windows where I have to use the display all windows button and select the window I want to the front. In short, not appreciated.

What I ended up doing is using a slightly wider and longer window, but still requiring scolling left-right to see the whole display. The size not to scroll is simply too wide for my use where users should be able to set the size of the images (small, medium/normal, and large mode).

Anyway, that's iTunes 11 so far. Maybe more to come if I find something or just want to vent some irritation or frustration with it.

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