Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mac Pros

With the latest upgrade to iTunes 11, why do I get the impression that Apple seems to be thinking Mac Pro's are merely larger iPhones or iPads? And exactly why does iTunes need a constant connection to iCloud when I don't put anything in iTunes in iCloud?

[Update.-- I found the setting to remove this in the window. In the user settings, under "Store", turn off sync with iTunes purchase in the iCloud. This stops iTunes from routinely checking iCloud for purchases and removes the iCloud icon.]

The more I tinker with the new iTunes, the more it's becoming a bigger nuisance to learn and remember all the stuff (I'd say shit but it's a public blog) to do simple things, like play the album. I like the old iTunes simplicity compared to the new iTunes.

And after playing some albums and playing with the user interface,

I really fucking hate the new style!

Why can't iTunes load all the albums covers when it opens? Why do I have to scroll the whole length of the album view to get all the cover images to load and display? Yes, I know, it saves cpu and memory resources, but hey, how much really would it take? Not a lot. At least have a user setting to load all images at opening.

I also noticed iTunes has more functions and features similar to third-party applications, such as CoverSutra. If I wanted CoverSutra in my iTunes I'd ask for it. Yes I have CoverSutra, but now it's useless as a separate application except I prefer it there than in iTunes.

When they upgraded Safari to 6, they changed some features more suited for iPhones and iPads than Mac's, especially Mac Pro's with large monitor (I have the 27" one), and they have added the function to change or disable those dumb things.

There are several things I dislike about Safari 6. The first is the lack of the old separate activity window which was great for users and Web designers/developers to see the components for each tab or window in one window outside of the browser.

The second is the tab width, really dumb change. They used to be fixed width and now they're variable width depending on the browser window size and the number of tabs open. This is easily controlled with user settings (enable/disable variable/fixed width tabs).

So Apple why can't you listen to users and restore some features Apple designers arbitarily removed when it wasn't necessary to remove them? You have the code to give users more control, but you seem to be acting more like Microsoft than Apple anymore.

Anyway, it's just a short rant against Apple's intentional neglect for Mac Pro's and their big brother attitude toward users. I still like them over PC and especially Microsoft, but they're beginning to try my patience at their corporate decisions about their computer and applications.

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