Thursday, December 6, 2012


Why is it that men say women are the emotional gender because they express their emotions more openly, and more often, honestly, while men just bury their emotions inside them, except for one, the one emotion which is more damaging, hurtful and dangerous than all of women's emotions combined?

That emotion is anger.

Why is it that this emotion is not considered by men to be an emotion but just their expression of themselves, who they are? Why do they treat anger differently, if not to discount it as emotion, except of course when women get angry, then it's an emotion?

Anger is the expression of all domestic violence and abuse. Anger is the expression of all rapes. Anger is the expression of all verbal, mental and emotional abuse inflicted on children and teenagers, when they're most vulnerable and both needing and wanting love from their parents and family.

Anger is the emotion men blame everyone else for their feelings, their thoughts, and more so their actions in anger. Anger is what they say isn't them, but caused by everyone else, and they're simply defending themselves.

Anger isn't that. It's an emotion, just as any emotion, but the most harmful and dangerous. It's the most insidious because it builds in men over time until is explodes inside them and they explode on everyone else and the world.

Anger is what it is, and try and they always do, men can't deny it is them, their emotion, expressed as a force to inflict the most harm on others. Women express their emotions in words, and while those words hurt, there often is a chance to heal from them with understanding and compassion.

Men express themselves in one emotion, anger, and then in action. Anger drives a lot of men's decisions and actions, always to the detriment of others, including loved one, family, friends, co-workers, and other people.

Men can't excuse it but always seem to deny it. When will men realize and admit their one emotion, anger, is their worst enemy?

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