Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Really Apple & iTunes

Why does Apple not consider the option to give users of iTunes the option to keep the album art work in active memory so it always displays when scrolling? I really hate that it after a few minutes iTunes moves the non-display album artwork to inactive memory so scrolling has to recover it, which means you have to scroll slowly so it displays.

This sucks. I can understand why they do this but there is no reason they can't have a setting or preference to always display the album artwork no matter which are displayed. This was the case with iTunes 10, so they made a management decison than a technical one, which sucks even more.

I won't argue keeping the album artwork takes memory, about 500 MB in my collection of about 1100 albums, but I have a Mac Pro with 16 GB of memory and only infrequently gets over 12 GB at any time and mostly is around 8 GB for most of my work.

Yes, I've maxed it out, either working on a project with lots of applications open, with some music or image files, or with some application which runs amuck and can't manage its memory. But none of those cases would interfer with keeping the album artwork in active memory.

So, please Apple, fix this like it was, at least with a preference or setting. You had it once, so give it back to the user. Or are you a application grinch?

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