Monday, December 31, 2012

Since When MSNBC

Since when is what a reporter or journalist thinks news? Really? I know some are very experienced and knowledgeable on their topics and issues they report on, but what happened to news being actual news of something real?

I just got through listening to MSNBC reporting New Year's Eve on the negotiations between the White House and Congress, namely Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell, respectively, for nearly 40 minutes and outside of the few minutes of commercials there was about 2-3 minutes of actual news and the rest was Chuck Todd and Kristen Welker just talking about what if's.

What if's aren't news! That's reporters bullshit story to make themselves sound smart and important. When MSNBC reports the "news"on the fiscal cliff negotiations, I expect news not reporters wasting time about what may or may not happen tomorrow, this week or even in 2 months.

Anyway, after the 40 minutes I hit the mute button on the TV until they switched out of that dumb reporting, and wrote this rant against it, like it's new or news either, but it sure made me feel better, venting a little anger at stupid pseudo-news shows.

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