Friday, December 7, 2012

Political Fodder

Why don't the politicians in Washington D.C. get the idea the American people are tired of being political fodder in their political fights, both sides arrogantly holding to their agenda and perspective, and are tired of being blamed for the failures of the politicians for solving problems our country and government faces?

What don't they understand we don't care about their political fights? We don't want to hear their rhetoric.

What don't they understand we know they're so rich and isolated from the reality of the work and lives of the American people and the real cost of living we faced every day?

Do they really think we listen with any interest? Do they really think we live on their words? Do they really think we agree with them for not solving anything?

Do they really even understand or even care to understand? Yeah, the rhetorical question as is ours when we ask them, do you think we even care about you (politicans) anymore?

With a 10% approval rate, the answer is obvious, so what don't the politicians understand and why aren't they doing anything different than what they've already done and will continue to do, which is why we don't care.

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