Monday, December 3, 2012

iTunes 11 Bugs

I've found two bugs in iTunes 11 since loading it when it was available from Apple, and it is turning into a big mistake since I hate the new user function and style. But I've already vented or ranted on it already.

What I found today are bugs, real bugs which should have been caught by the Apple testers, unless they expect users to be testers now, which means we deserve to be paid.

Anyway, the bugs are as follows.

1. If you open iTunes, like I do, in album view, it only loads the cover art for the albums visible in the window. You have to scroll to load all the cover art, which I do everytime I open iTunes so I don't have to wait for the cover art to load when I do scroll later.

When I did this iTunes 10 or earlier it always kept the cover art visible when you scolled no matter how long you keep it open one set of albums or when you hid or unhid iTunes. But not iTunes 11. It will remove any cover art not in the display window if it sits in one place or your hide it.

You have to scroll again to reload the cover art for the albums, which leads to the second bug.

2. When you reload the cover art, it adds it to the active memory for iTunes on top of the previous active memory for the cover art. It doesn't use the existing memory for cover art. It reloads it for display and to active memory, increasing the memory that much again.

To say this is really stupid is an understatement, especially from Apple who should have tested and fixed it before it was released. I can't begin to wonder where their heads were at when they tested this.

3. Which is a suggestion. Can Apple please load all the album art when you open it? How hard is it to just load all the cover art so users don't have to scroll to load it. We want to see the album covers, not some stupid "no art" cover and have to wait while it loads.

So what I do now with iTunes 11 is open it, use it and close it. And yes, I scroll from top to bottom to load all the album cover art because I find albums by the cover.  I do that while it's open. I don't hide it, at least I won't until they fix it. When I'm done, I close it.

Apple, I'm seriously disappointed with you and iTunes 11. Fortunately I have other music players on my Mac which reads iTunes folders and files. And they play the music better too.

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