Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mountain Lion & iTunes 11

Well, I reinstalled OS-X 10.8.2 this morning and it seems to have solved one problem with lsboxd error message, but didn't solve the worst problem, the endless error messages with which can be killed with a command (terminal window).

I haven't checked the last problem, booting in safe mode, which hung at about 30% after an hour (tried several times between normal reboots. I was only using it to solve the problem which is now solved with the reinstall.

Anyway, in the end, I'm back to where I began with OS-X 10.8.2, so I'll see what happens, but after only about a month or so, this is not good for Apple. I never had these problems with all the versions of  OS-X 10.4 through 10.7 having to reinstall the operating system to solve problems.

I can only guess Apple is trying to make the big computers look like iDevices (iPods, iPads, iPhones) which is both dumb and stupid. We don't own big Mac Pro's, or even iMac's to be like iDevices, we own them to be computers, really big, user-friendly, robust, never fail computers.

As for iTunes 11, yes, I still hate it, maybe a little less so as time goes by. I only open it now when I need to use it. I don't keep it hidden anymore until they issue an update to see if my complaints are fixed. But that said, Apple forgot the basic rule of making candy, ie. software.

The product has to be both good and fancy,
iTunes 11 is just fancy.

I'm only angry I can't go back to iTunes 10 until iTunes 11 is better, as Apple doesn't allow restoring old versions of applications embedded with or a part of OS-X, and old versions aren't not forward compatible once upgraded (hmmm.... maybe?).

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