Saturday, December 1, 2012

House 2013 Calendar

Remember this in 2014 when the members of the House of representatives are up for re-election, which is the 2013 schedule for the days (and some times) of the first sessioin of the 113th congress of the House of Representatives will be "in session", meaning conducting business of committees, office, debate and voting on legislation.

Remember it, they will be "working" 126 days and all the rest, all 259 days, including weekends, are days the members can do anything they want, such as travel, vacation, meet with constituents, etc., anything that fits their interests.

Remember it, as you can see here. Yes, your elected officials in the House of Representatives. We pay their salary, benefits, travel, per-diem, offices, staff (w/ the salary, benefits, travel, per-diem, etc.) and associated costs of being a representatives.

Remember it. The highlighted days. Wouldn't you like to have their work schedule? Wouldn't you like to have all those (non-highlighted) days off? Remember it. This is who you elected.

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