Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ambassador to the UN

The Republicans hate Susan Rice because she's is strongly outspoken about her views on issues. They criticize her because they just don't like a black woman being strong, intelligent, smart and perceptive, in other words, she is the exact opposite in terms of gender, race and views of someone they praised as the US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, for the same characteristics.

It's not her they're after, it's the President. It's not her they want out of the job, it's the President. It's not her they were against being the next Secretary of State, it's the right of the President to chose who he wants. It's not her, it's their blatant racism shown toward this president.

The Republicans just don't like this President not just because he's intelligent, smart and the President, but mostly because he's part black, and to them he's just black, and that's reason enough to them. The Republicans can couch their words however they choose, under it all, it's still the same, pure hate and racism.

All the fancy suits, polished shoes, and the smiles with the politically correct words doesn't change the truth of it, which is nothing else but contempt for his President for being black.

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