Saturday, December 15, 2012


Update II (update I removed as incorrect).-- I finally got Safari to create the necessary Cache.db file this application reads. I discovered I had another application which also reads but then deletes the Cache.db file in the com.Apple.Safari folder, which left this application without a file to read. I could recreate the file but it was always deleted later by the other application.

Well, I bought the SafariCacheExplorer application which was advertised to separate all the individual parts and files of Web pages and to download them to your computer, especially if you want to retrieve images, videos, etc. embedded in Web pages and don't want to search through the HTML code, which is what I do.

I bought this application since Web(cache)Browser stopped working with Mountain Lion and Safari 6.0.x, but I didn't fully read the Web page for SafariCacheExplorer as it doesn't say it's compatible with Mountain Lion and especially Safari 6.0.x.

Update II.--The company sent me an e-mail confirming it is Mountain Lion and Safari 6.0.x compatible which I've proven to myself is and works. They need to update their Web page about this application, if they haven't already.

That's because it isn't compatible with Mountain Lion and Safair 6.0.x, so don't pay the $10 for it if you have Mountain Lion which uses Safari 6.0.x as part of the OS-X, no Safari 5.x available with Mountain Lion.

In short, save your money, at least until they release a new version for Mountain Lion. I'll test it then and report if it works or not. It's a cool idea as the other application was a great tool with Safari, and this one would be if it worked.

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