Thursday, March 13, 2014

Abby Huntsman

Today (3/13/2014) Abby Huntsman in her editorial on “The Cycle” on MSNBC scolded the politicians for not “fixing” the entitlement programs for future generations. And while I agree with that view, I totally disagree with her about Social Security. She confused Social Securty, which is funded by a Trust Fund not the annual budget, as a “drain”.

It is easily fixable, not by raising the eligibilty age to 70 or higher or lower benefits, but by raising the ceiling on the maximum income to a $1 million or more, even removing the ceiling, and making illegal immigrants legal citizens to expand the base by 8-10 million people, mostly young (20-40) who will pay into the system as everyone else.

Those two things, economists have argued, will ensure the Social Security Trust Fund is solvent to 2075 and beyond without cutting benefits. That, Ms. Huntsman is the answer, not attacking those who have paid into it and have to live on it in retirement. Most aren’t like you, with a good salary, benefits and retirement package. They rely on it for 100% of the retirement income.

Don’t take your politics out on them, take it out on the policians but with real solutions, not ones which devastates people’s lives.

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