Friday, March 14, 2014

Apple App Store

I've purchased a boatload of apps through the Apple App Store since it opened and I've dropped about half a dozen when the company removed the application because the developers couldn't get the app to comply to Apple's new rules, eg. sandbox, or decided to sale new versions  through their Website instead of the App Store.

In some cases the company just walked away from the App Store leaving a few applications there which are rarely, if ever, updated to keep the Apple certification. Apple doesn't seem to have rules for companies which keep these apps just for the certification while selling most of their apps from their Website.

Anyway, my interest here is about companies which decide to keep old applications in the App Store but sell updates and upgrades through their Website and then don't honor Apple receipts to get a license key (App Store doesn't issue them) to transfer the application from the App Store to the company.

Like that's new or news, but my point was aimed at those companies when I wrote a review for one on the App Store about this practice, meaning the company stopped development of an Apple-complaint application to sell new versions through their Website.

In addition the company doesn't recognize Apple receipts to transfer the license to the company's version requiring you to buy the application again. When I sent them proof (receipt) of the purchase of the application, they refused to recognize it let alone honor it.

As you know all reviews about applications on the App Store are reviewed by Apple employees and so it seems they don't like criticism or complaints about companies. They don't mind criticism of the application, just not the company or Apple's tolerance of these companies.

This company has several simple applications in the App Store, I guess to get the certification, but all the main applications are sold through their Website, only two versions through the App Store. This is the kind of misuse Apple tolerates with the App Store, but the lesson I learned is don't call them out on it.

PS.--There are quite a few good companies which have problems with Apple's rules and sell different versions, but they will provide (limited) updated versions through the App Store while selling the non-Apple compliant one through their Website and honoring Apple receipt to transfer the license to the Website version for free.

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