Monday, March 24, 2014

Governor Christie

The internal investigation conducted by a law firm with ties to Governor Christie, requested by the Governor and paid by the people of New Jersey concluded he did not have any knowledge of the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge before the week of the lane closure. The law firm was able to access more people and review more documents than the committe with the New Jersey legistlature or the Department of Justice, including the Governor’s own personal records and communications devices.

They weren’t able to interview or review documents of the three key players in the closure and the coverup, but if the Governor is so innocent, why is he refusing to help the New Jersey legistlature or Department of Justice investigations? It doesn’t matter he asked them to investigate the obvious, which is that he didn’t directly know about the events, but they didn’t investigate if he had indirectly instructed his staff through his management style.

I thought if you’re innocent you have nothing to hide. Or does he think paying a law firm close to him to investigate him is proof enough and we’ll believe it? Really Governor, you think we're that stupid? A question you seem to love asking people, "Are your stupid or what?", when they question you at press conference or public forums?

The Governor was only recently re-elected (November 2013) and while he said he would serve out his term, you can bet starting next year, he'll be running for President at the expense of New Jersey and of course by the taxpayers of New Jersey. But only if he isn't indicted on charges by the New Jersey legislature or the Department of Justice.

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