Friday, March 28, 2014

Governor Christie

Why do people keep thinking Governor Christie will have a sudden inspiration to tell the truth and confess? He's the consummate arrogant, egotistical denier and liar who doesn't see anything or anyone but himself. He's incapable of seeing reality and incapable of understanding his own mistakes and failures. He's not acting, he really believes what he says about himself and he believes he can convince anyone of his view of things.

It's time to just ignore him and let the legal processes work where he'll be indicted, convicted and impeached, because even then he'll believe he's innocent and his own staff betrayed him. What would happen if he called a press conference and no one came? The media could just say, "Governor there's nothing new with whatever you'll say, so we'll just use reruns of your other press conferences."

The only way he's going to take notice is if he's not in the news. And the only way he's begin to see reality is when the New Jersey legislature forwards a motion to impeach him or the US Attorney for New Jersey indicts him. And both of those threats will remain for awhile.

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