Friday, March 14, 2014

Pro Audio Converter

I'm a big fan of the Pro Audio Converter application, available through their Website or the Apple App store, but beware the versions of the application, like others sold through the company's Website and the Apple App Store, are slightly different to accommodate Apple's sandbox rules.

I use this application when I download music files with my subscription to Bowers and Wilkins music library (updated with 2-3 albums monthly) in different high quality formats to convert and import the albums into iTunes.

This application is great for it, or at least once before I upgraded to OS-X 10.9.2. The February albums worked but when I tried the March albums after upgrading, it broke, and working with folks at the company, who responded within hours to my e-mail, it appears to be due to the changes with OS-X 10.9.2.

I don't know if Apple gave folks the details of the changes for these types of applications (audio files, etc.), but something failed on Apple's part since this application hasn't had issues with previous upgrades or updates of OS-X.

I tested the applications with files which converted before and with a variety of formats of high quality audio files (.flac, .wav, .m4a, etc.) and the application had the same result, it didn't run. The company even transferred my Apple App store version (in a new separate folder) to the Website version, only to get different console log messages.

Well, that's the story so far, and I wait to see what happens. There are reports of problems with the audio stuff in OS-X 10.9.2 with testing fixes with beta 10.9.3, but with Apple I don't hold my breath anymore with Mavericks.

They created more problems than they solved and broke more fundamental features, tools, etc. for working on new bells and whistles. Mavericks is like new car you have to live with the problems and wait for recall notices to take it to the dealer to be fixed, if they do and simply leave it to owners to live with.

Apple bet their brand name on Mavericks and while I like it for a number of things, I don't like that fact they broke or removed some well liked features and tools and still haven't fixed or replaced some basic things. And now they're breaking third party applications and then blame them when those applications break

The question is which will happen first, OS-X 10.9.3 or an update to Pro Audio Converter.

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