Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Georgia Gun Law

This week the Georgia legislature passed a law allowing people to carry a gun almost anywhere the law does not specifically prohibit it, and which allows people to carry guns in bars, restaurants, churches, airports, schools, stores and malls, at sporting events and any government building where security checks aren't required.

They call it the "Carry your gun anywhere" law but maybe they should call it, "Don't piss anyone off" law. How are other people going to know if a person carrying a gun is a threat or just an idiot carrying a gun? I've never been to Georgia and now they've given me every reason not to every want to go there.

Oh yeah, Georgia already has the higest per capita rate of people being killed with guns. Apparently they want to surpass their own record as the most violent state in the country. All thanks to the NRA.

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