Monday, March 10, 2014

Divided Nation

With respect to access for women to clinics for their reproductive healthcare, including abortions, we’re becoming a vastly divided nation on two fronts.

The first is between states where access is legal and relatively, and states where it’s illegal and almost impossible. The second are women where access is available if they can afford the time and money to go anywhere and women don’t have either and who can’t travel.

These divisions are not mutually exclusive, and for women who live in a state where access is nearly impossible and they don’t have the time and money to travel, our nation is no better than a third world country run by a government which doesn’t care about them because they’re poor and they’re women.

Welcome to the new Republican version of America, something they would like to make the standard for the whole nation no better than a third world nation for women’s reproductive healthcare. Be rich or be nothing.

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