Sunday, March 2, 2014

Distinguishing Pain

I pinched my Sciatic nerve in June 2011 and July 2012 and have been walking to help it heal, which was working until about a month ago when I aggrevated it and kept on walking for 3 more days. After two weeks of rest I got bored and started walking again and learn to tell the difference between nerve and muscle pains.

Nerve pain is when the muscles work but the nerve don’t make them work right and the nerves continually yell at your brain. Muscle pain is when the muscle are tired or sore and those nerve remind you when you use the muscle.

Nerve pain can and will happen regardless of what you’re doing, standing, sitting, walking, exercising, etc., meaning it’s independent of the muscles. Muscle pain only happens when you use the respective muscles which hurt.

Nerve pain is irrelevant to the muscles because it’s indicative of skeletal problems. Muscle pain only happens with muscles. This I’ve learned from my walking to distinguish the two and to ignore the nerve pain and pay attention to the muscle pain.

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