Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ms Stefano

Jennifer Stefano, from Americans for Propersity, showed on Chris Haye's "All in With Chris Hayes" show on MSNBC that she is both verbally a bully and an idiot about the facts. The Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act will increase the eligibility to enroll in Medicaid with the federal poverty level by 138%.

In the interview Ms. Stefano would not stop talking, kept changing the subject, falsely called Chris out for badgering her, and lied on the facts while saying let's talk about the facts. She cited the increase, above, would raise the level equal to $94,000.

Really, except here is the 2014 federal poverty level and nowhere is there an income in the lower 48 states greater than a little over $40,000 for a family 8 (6 children), but most families below the poverty level earn less than $30,000, many far less.

For Ms. Stefano to lie so blatantly on MSNBC is outragous, but more so for being an asshole. She owes Chris Hayes, MSNBC and the American people who level near or below the poverty level an apology but I doubt she would give one, let one with any sincerity.

So yes, I can call her an asshole when she showed herself to be one, because at no time did she want to have an intelligent conversation and use proven facts. She simply wanted to shout lies and blame the interviewer for attacking her. That's an asshole.

Error correction.-- I mistook Ms. Stafano for Ms. Granholm, my mistake.

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