Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Republicans and the ACA

Republican: “I want to repeal Obamacare.”
Voter: “You mean the Affordable Care Act?”
Republican: “Yeah, Obamacare. He’s putting government in my health insurance.”
Voter: “You mean your insurance the insurance company determines the coverage, claims and premiums?”
Republican: “Yeah, my health insurance.”
Voter: “Did you need or qualify for health insurance under the ACA?”
Republican: “No, I don’t need or want it.”
Voter: “So why are you angry with something that has nothing to do with you? It only applies to the 10-15% of Americans who are uninsured or underinsured?.”
Republican: “I don’t care. I don’t like it. It’s socialism.”
Voter: “Did you know half of the ACA was written by the health insurance companies for the Republicans as part of the compromise?”
Republican: “No, but it’s still the President’s fault.”
Voter: “Since you want to repeal it, what will you replace the ACA with for those who need or want better, affordable health insurance?”
Republican: “Nothing. I like my old health insurance.”
Voter: “The one you still have?”
Republican: “Yes.”
Voter: “So the ACA didn’t take away or change your health insurance?”
Republican: “No, but I’m still against it.”
Voter: “Because it offers health insurance to those who don’t have it because it was too expensive, were denied insurance or had the insurance cancelled?”
Repubilican: “That’s their fault for getting or being sick and trying to get someone else to pay for it.”
Voter: “Like Medicare and the supplemental plans and like Medicaid?”
Republicans: “Yeah, but not Medicare.That’s a good program for seniors.”
Voter: “Like your family or friends?”
Republican: “Yes, it’s not Obamacare.”
Voter: “Because the ACA is just like the health insurance program the Republicans proposed years ago?”
Republican: “That was a republican plan.”
Voter: “But the almost identical plan.”
Republican: “I don’t care. I’m still against Obamacare.
Voter: “Only because of President Obama?”
Republican: “Yeah, he’s pushing a socialist health insurance program.”
Voter: “The same one the republicans proposed. The same one half of which was written by the Republicans. The same one to guarrantee coverage for people previous denied, rejected or cancelled insurance. The same one giving people good, affordable health insurance run by the states for the private insurance companies.”
Republican: “Yeah, I’m still against it.”
Voter: “Ok, you just want the past.  I’ll vote for the future thank you.”

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