Friday, March 7, 2014


While the Republicans, wingnuts and rightwing journalists and analyists are rattling verbal sabers and calling the President weak while admiring President Putin, President Obama is exhibiting exactly what we need right now with respect to Russia and Crimea, intelligence, patience and leadership.

This is not a sporting match or some game, it’s high stakes, complex and complicated international diplomacy where you have an autocratic president leading a oligarchic republic against the world. He wants Crimea and he took it in violation of the laws and treaties of his own country, and we need a President who weighs all the facets and factors, listens to all those involved, including Putin, and takes measured steps to ensure nothing worse happens.

The truth is as many experts have said, the Ukraine won’t get Crimea back. The question is what happens next to ensure Ukaine is secure and stable and can and will resist any further invention into their country by Russia. That’s less a military issue than an economic one to ensure Russia understands the serious consequences of further escalation.

That takes what this President has and is doing. Disagree or not, it’s your right to your opinion, but he is our President, not Putin. Don’t help Russia as many Republicans, wingnuts and rightwing media pundits are doing, by admiring Putin. Some might call that un-American.

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