Friday, March 7, 2014


If there is a reason the UN, EU, NATO and the US should intervene in Crimea, it is simple, for the protection of the minority Ukrainian people and especially the TarTar people who were the original inhabitants of Crimea before all of them were deported by Stalin and face deportation again by Putin.

If there is a reason for military intervention in Crimea it is this and the Ukrainian government can request it since Crimea is within the intergrity, soveriegnty, and borders of the Ukraine, not Russia. They have the right ask the UN for military help in the form of UN peace keeping forces and ask NATO and the US to establish a military presence in and around Crimea.

This would raise the stakes and push Putin to decide if he wants war or not, but we would make it clear we're not backing down to protect the people of Crimea, but only if the UN agrees military intervention is necessary to offset the actions of the Russian forces in Crimea.

The question is do we want war with Russia. You can bet President Obama already has been briefed on the all the interations of military action including all the risks and chances, all the consequences in lives, all the consequences in any possible escalation. The military is ready waiting on the command from the President if necessary.

Let's hope it's not but let's remember Crimea is in the Ukraine, given it by Kruschev and respected by every leader of the Soviet Union and Russian Federation since.

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